Woodland Camo Netting - Ultra-Lite, Premium

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Camo Systems™ Woodland Camouflage Ultra-Lite Camo Netting

  • Foliage-Like Realism
  • Perforated Material Masks Your Outline
  • Rot and Mold Resistant
  • Non Toxic
  • 100% Waterproof Polyurethane Coating
  • UV Treated
  • No Glare
  • Rustle Free

At CamoNettingStore.com we provide many sizes, ranging from 8’x10’ to 40’x40’, as well as, the custom sizes you're looking for. Don't see just the right dimensions in our listings?  Don't worry. Simply contact us at 1-866-NET-4-LESS (638-4537), and one of our CamoNettingStore.com specialists will be happy to help you!

Designed for Outdoor Use.

*Large Ultra-Lite camo nets are not recommended for high wind areas*

Camo Pattern: Woodland - Green/Brown

Net Size in Feet

Net Size in Yards

Net Size in Meters


7ft 10in x 9ft 10in 2.6yd x 3.3yd 2.38m x 3.0m $44.90
7ft 10in x 19ft 8in 2.6yd x 6.5yd 2.38m x 6.0m $89.90
7ft 10in x 29ft 6in 2.6yd x 9.8yd 2.38m x 9.1m $134.70
7ft 10in x 39ft 4in 2.6yd x 13.1yd 2.38m x 12.0m


7ft 10in x 49ft 2in 2.6yd x 16.4yd 2.38m x 15.0m $224.50
15ft 8in x 9ft 10in 5.2yd x 3.3yd 4.78m x 3.0m $71.99
15ft 8in x 19ft 8in 5.2yd x 6.5yd 4.78m x 6.0m $174.99
15ft 8in x 29ft 6in 5.2yd x 9.8yd 4.78m x 9.1m $260.99
15ft 8in x 39ft 4in 5.2yd x 13.1yd 4.78m x 12.0m $359.99
15ft 8in x 49ft 2in 5.2yd x 16.4yd 4.78m x 15.0m $400.99
23ft 6in x 9ft 10in 7.8yd x 3.3yd 7.16m x 3.0m $116.99
23ft 6in x 19ft 8in 7.8yd x 6.5yd 7.16m x 6.0m $266.99
23ft 6in x 29ft 6in 7.8yd x 9.8yd 7.16m x 9.1m $398.99
23ft 6in x 39ft 4in 7.8yd x 13.1yd 7.16m x 12.0m $548.99
23ft 6in x 49ft 2in 7.8yd x 16.4yd 7.16m x 15.0m $680.99
31ft 4in x 9ft 10in 10.4yd x 3.3yd 9.55m x 3.0m $157.99
31ft 4in x 19ft 8in 10.4yd x 6.5yd 9.55m x 6.0m $359.99
31ft 4in x 29ft 6in 10.4yd x 9.8yd 9.55m x 9.1m $536.99
31ft 4in x 39ft 4in 10.4yd x 13.1yd 9.55m x 12.0m $738.99
31ft 4in x 49ft 2in 10.4yd x 16.4yd 9.55m x 15.0m $915.99
39ft 2in x 9ft 10in 13.1yd x 3.3yd 11.93m x 3.0m $197.99
39ft 2in x 19ft 8in 13.1yd x 6.5yd 11.93m x 6.0m $451.99
39ft 2in x 29ft 6in 13.1yd x 9.8yd 11.93m x 9.1m $674.99
39ft 2in x 39ft 4in 13.1yd x 13.1yd 11.93m x 12.0m $928.99
39ft 2in x 49ft 2in 13.1yd x 16.4yd 11.93m x 15.0m $1150.99


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  • 5
    Exactly what I wanted

    Posted by Unknown on Aug 25, 2014

    This product was great. Came in earlier than expected and great updates on shipping the whole time.

  • 5
    Just what I needed

    Posted by Joe Knapp on Nov 22, 2013

    Needed small net to cover front of duck blind, perfect size. Like to be able to select different sizes

  • 5
    did the job

    Posted by RC Windsor on Apr 26, 2012

    used to cover small boat on a pond when goose hunting. Nice size and did what we needed it to do. However not as good as old millitary ones we use to have.

  • 5
    great for the boys' fort

    Posted by twoboysmom on Apr 05, 2012

    I bought this for our boys' outdoor fort (the largest size).... we put up fence posts and fence boards, but no roof. I thought this would be good for the roof of the fort .... boy, was I wrong! It is PERFECT! We are the only ones in the neighborhood with a camo-style fort, and it's great because it's so different from those other brightly-colored play structures you see in everyone's yards. Easy to rearrange; we zip-tied it to the fort in some places, but mostly just spread it out over the top. The kids love it because they think they are invisible, and it defintely camoflauges in the plants so it's easy on the parents' eyes. Happy parents, happy kids .... All in all, a fabulous purchase, and very reasonably priced for the results!!

  • 5
    camo netting

    Posted by duckdecoys on Jan 31, 2011

    I used this netting for a duck decoy display at a big east coast craft show. You would not believe how many people just wanted to touch the netting because of the texture. It did the job I wanted it to do, a camo effect setting for the display, plus it drew people to my display.

  • 5
    Very effective!

    Posted by JChanyo on Jan 31, 2011

    I ordered the Green/Brown camo netting after reading others' reviews about how the color appeared, and how durable it is. I tacked it to the inside roof beams of a semi-open shed in my backyard to hang down and hide the yard equipment stored there, and also to provide a bit of additional protection from the weather. It works perfectly. The color blends very well with the surrounding shrubs and trees, and I think it won't look too out of place in winter either. It seems pretty durable, and didn't tear despite some tugging to get it into place, and from getting it unsnagged from the equipment.

  • 5
    Excellent camo netting

    Posted by BrazilHunter on Jan 31, 2011

    Very nice product. You will be invisible to your quarry. I suggest buy the bigger size available. I miss a big one.

  • 5
    Boat Blind material

    Posted by JB Hunt on Jan 31, 2011

    I have been using this same camo system for the last 3 years on my boat blind and it works well for me in the swamp setting that I normally hunt in. Light weight and easy to use. Dries fast and best of all, ducks do not know you are there until it is too late.

  • 4
    Good 3D camo

    Posted by MacksDaddy on Jan 31, 2011

    I attached the Camo Systems Camo Netting (no glare and will not rot) to black pvc coated hog wire (will not rust) using zip ties. I cut the camo netting lengthwise creating two pieces that are 4 x 20 when stretched. I carried the camo rolls into the swamp and attached them to "T" Posts that were driven into the mud between tow young cyprus trees. As we get closer to waterfowl season I will brush the blind with natural vegetation and limbs that I find close by. The blind I created is inexpensive and creates a good foundation to brush from. It is not as cushy as a plywood piano box blind, but it blends into nature much easier without the sharp angles of a box blind. It's not pretty but its hard for people and the ducks to see! -Gear Guy