Woodland Camo Netting - Ultra-Lite, Basic

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Camo Systems™ Woodland Camouflage Ultra-Lite, Basic Camo Netting

Our most popular general purpose economy camo net.  Treated to reduce glare and increase UV resistance, basic netting is perfect for all kinds of camouflage situations.

  • Our lightest net ever!
  • Green on one side/Brown on the other
  • UV Treated
  • Rot and Mold Resistant
  • 3D Leaflike Foliage
  • Lightweight, Strong and Durable
  • 100% Waterproof Polyurethane Coating
  • Quite and Rustle Free
  • Treated to Eliminate Shine and Glare
  • Pliable in Extreme Temperature Ranges
  • Compactable and Versatile

At CamoNettingStore.com we provide many sizes, ranging from 8’x10’ to 40’x40’, as well as, the custom sizes you're looking for. Don't see just the right dimensions in our listings?  Don't worry. Simply contact us at 1-760-981-1020, and one of our CamoNettingStore.com specialists will be happy to help build it for you!

Designed for Outdoor Use.

*Large Ultra-Lite camo nets are not recommended for high wind areas*

Camo Pattern: Woodland - Green/Brown

Net Size in Feet

Net Size in Yards

Net Size in Meters


7ft 10in x 9ft 10in 2.6yd x 3.3yd 2.38m x 3.0m $29.99
7ft 10in x 19ft 8in 2.6yd x 6.5yd 2.38m x 6.0m $59.99
7ft 10in x 29ft 6in 2.6yd x 9.8yd 2.38m x 9.1m $89.99
7ft 10in x 39ft 4in 2.6yd x 13.1yd 2.38m x 12.0m $119.99
7ft 10in x 49ft 2in 2.6yd x 16.4yd 2.38m x 15.0m $149.99
15ft 8in x 9ft 10in 5.2yd x 3.3yd 4.78m x 3.0m $56.99
15ft 8in x 19ft 8in 5.2yd x 6.5yd 4.78m x 6.0m $132.99
15ft 8in x 29ft 6in 5.2yd x 9.8yd 4.78m x 9.1m $199.99
15ft 8in x 39ft 4in 5.2yd x 13.1yd 4.78m x 12.0m $274.99
15ft 8in x 49ft 2in 5.2yd x 16.4yd 4.78m x 15.0m $341.99
23ft 6in x 9ft 10in 7.8yd x 3.3yd 7.16m x 3.0m $87.99
23ft 6in x 19ft 8in 7.8yd x 6.5yd 7.16m x 6.0m $203.99
23ft 6in x 29ft 6in 7.8yd x 9.8yd 7.16m x 9.1m $306.99
23ft 6in x 39ft 4in 7.8yd x 13.1yd 7.16m x 12.0m $422.99
23ft 6in x 49ft 2in 7.8yd x 16.4yd 7.16m x 15.0m $524.99
31ft 4in x 9ft 10in 10.4yd x 3.3yd 9.55m x 3.0m $118.99
31ft 4in x 19ft 8in 10.4yd x 6.5yd 9.55m x 6.0m $274.99
31ft 4in x 29ft 6in 10.4yd x 9.8yd 9.55m x 9.1m $413.99
31ft 4in x 39ft 4in 10.4yd x 13.1yd 9.55m x 12.0m $569.99
31ft 4in x 49ft 2in 10.4yd x 16.4yd 9.55m x 15.0m $708.99
39ft 2in x 9ft 10in 13.1yd x 3.3yd 11.93m x 3.0m $149.99
39ft 2in x 19ft 8in 13.1yd x 6.5yd 11.93m x 6.0m $407.99
39ft 2in x 29ft 6in 13.1yd x 9.8yd 11.93m x 9.1m $520.99
39ft 2in x 39ft 4in 13.1yd x 13.1yd 11.93m x 12.0m $717.99
39ft 2in x 49ft 2in 13.1yd x 16.4yd 11.93m x 15.0m $1064.99


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  • 5
    Tough With Many Uses

    Posted by J on Nov 15, 2021

    This isn't value or lesser netting. It is tough and looks great. I made a helmet net, a hasty sniper poncho, a weapon shroud, and still had plenty left for a full body/camp cover.

  • 5
    Exactly what I wanted & needed

    Posted by Roger on Nov 14, 2016

    Did my 'shopping' with some of their samples. Perfect. Then I was able to order exactly what I wanted and needed, no surprises or disappointments. I am sure I will be ordering more. Excellent quality, fast service. Highly recommended company and product for you $$.

  • 4
    Worked Perfectly

    Posted by Unknown on Oct 17, 2014

    Our house is on Pier and Beam - 8 feet up. We use the underspace as a rec room. I wanted to cover the pipes and beams to give the area a more finished feel. The Camo netting went in perfectly with my tree house theme. I had to put a cord around the edges to hang it and then ran cord twice across the 40 foot length and five times across the 16 foot width for each of the two panels. It came out really nice.

  • 5
    Did its job!

    Posted by Unknown on May 02, 2014

    There was a glitch in the ordering process, but once I called, it was delt with prompt, correction. Very happy. I will order again!

  • 5
    Great for the Price!

    Posted by Unknown on Jun 17, 2013

    I needed this camo netting for a canopy cover and it worked out great. The product is very light-weight which makes set up a breeze. Also note, the product lacks the "netting" that comes with the military grade options - this was ok for me because I used the camo netting as a canopy for a 1 day event. If I were to leave the canopy out longer, I would definitely get the military grade product.

  • 5
    Decorative netting

    Posted by Unknown on Mar 02, 2013

    I am using this netting to decorate a room,mixing it with other types of nettingand trees,works perfect. Joe T. [Illinois]

  • 3
    No concealment

    Posted by Unknown on Feb 21, 2013

    Gaps between camo "patterns" way too large. Does not camo item draped over and propped up very little, to say the least. Would have to double it over to get any concealment at all.

  • 5
    Basic net

    Posted by Unknown on Aug 25, 2012

    My order came quickly and the netting looks good