Fire Rated Netting


Camo Netting Store's Fire Rated Netting has been specifically designed for Indoor applications, especially public venues that require a Fire Rating Certificate. Our Fire Rated range of netting still comes with the same Ant-Glare, Anti Rustle and Mold resistant treatments, just like our other netting, so it is capable of handling both your indoor and outdoor applications. Fire Rated Camouflage nets are used in a wide variety of applications, including but not limited to, Haunted Houses, Trade Shows, Concerts and many other venues requiring a more unique Fire Rated Pattern.

UltraLite: 20% Lighter with same strength and durability, no mesh backing.

Military: Has Mesh/Webbed rope backing for added strength.

Fire Rated Camo Netting

US fire safety regulations require using fire-retardant netting indoors. The fire-rated camo nets we have for sale are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Besides reducing the risk of fires, our netting comes in different camouflage styles to match various terrains and aesthetic preferences. We have options for woodland hunters, nighttime military operations, and desert and snow expeditions.

Browse all our Ultra-lite and military-grade camo nettings online and buy a net that fits your needs. Our Ultra-lite nets are super light yet durable, making them suitable for various civilian uses. The military-grade nets feature a tough lining for even more durability.