Desert Camo Sniper Ghillie Suit

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Desert Camo Sniper Ghillie Suit

If you really want to give yourself the advantage out on the field, you'll find that a Mil-Spec Desert Sniper Ghillie Suit is a valuable tool. A ghillie suit breaks up the human form and makes it extremely difficult for someone or something to see its wearer. You'll be amazed at how close your competition comes to you without seeing a thing when you're wearing the most effective camouflage available. You can even increase your camouflage by adding local plant life to our suits!

Whether you are hunting game out in the woods or trying to eliminate the competition on the paintball field, the ghillie suit will give you the edge by camouflaging you efficiently in any surroundings. Pick out the style of sniper suit that matches your terrain and start to enjoy the advantages of remaining undetected by the competition. Try a desert camo ghillie suit today!

Adult Med / Large:

Waist: 32 - 38" Chest: 38 - 44"

Adult XL / 2XL:

Waist: 40 - 46" Chest: 46 - 52"

If you are unsure of size order larger size.The Sniper Suit is not supposed to be form fitting, It should fit loose, the over-size will help mask the human form and aid the camouflage affect. It is designed to be worn over jeans and shirt. The suit is easily modified to your tastes, and to fit your body size, or to aid in mobility. Please remember that it is often worn with boots or high top shoes to keep paint or dirt (sand) off feet. Also, it has elastic so it can be put into socks, shoes or boots to look like BDUs.