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Bulk Roll of Woodland Camo Burlap - Camosystems™

Durable, long-lasting Camosystems Woodland Camo Burlap can be used to build blinds or for anything that needs camouflaging. Camosystems Woodland Burlap is the perfect camouflage burlap for ground blinds and blending into local dry vegetation. 54 Inches by 150 Feet (50 Yards)

  • Camouflage burlap instantly puts your material and gear out of sight!
  • Disguises all movements, shadows and reflections
  • Blends into natural environments
  • Super quiet 100% burlap
  • Extremely durable
  • Pattern: Woodland 
  • Material: 100% Burlap
  • Dimensions: 54 Inches by 150 Feet