Camo Netting For Deer Season

Deer Hunting

Deer season is an exciting time regardless of whether you enjoy hunting for sport or food. The best time to hunt deer is typically early morning or late afternoon when the animals are active. However, during these times, deer can see you just as clearly as you can see them.

Avoid scaring away your prey by staying under camo netting while deer hunting. Besides concealing you during a hunt, camo netting has several other benefits.

Benefits of Deer Hunting with Camo Nets

  • Optimal Positioning: Deer tend to stick to the same trails to feed. Experienced hunters follow these trails during hunts or camp close to them to catch passing prey. If stalking a deer trail, a camo net will keep you out of sight, so you see passing deer before they see you.
  • Weather Protection: A waterproof camo net will protect you and your gear from wet weather. It can also provide some warmth while lying in wait early in the morning.
  • Quiet: Unlike using foliage for camouflage, our camo nets are quieter. You don’t have to worry about rustling leaves or snapping twigs that might spook your quarry.
  • Multi-Purpose: Besides covering yourself and your gear, you can use camo netting to set up a hunting blind. All you have to do is hang the net from nearby trees to create a shelter that doesn’t arouse the suspicion of prey.

Note that camo netting can only deliver the above benefits if it has the right features.

Must-Have Features for Deer Hunting Camouflage Net

Several camo nets are available for sale online. Before you buy one for your next deer hunt, ensure that the product is:

  • Waterproof and Mold-Resistant: Nets that absorb water are harder to pack and carry when it rains. The best products are water-resistant and treated to prevent rot and mold.
  • Lightweight: A heavy camo net may seem more durable, but storing and carrying it can be tedious, especially if you have to track deer over a long distance. The best quality nets feature lightweight materials that do not compromise on durability.
  • Adequate Camouflage: The camouflage pattern on the net must fully conceal you from prey. Don’t go for a camouflage net with a design meant for desert or snow use. Our Woodland Military Camo netting features 3-D leaf-like foliage and green and brown colors that seamlessly blend into most forest settings.
  • Properly Sized: Only go for a net that fully covers you and your gear. We have camo nets as small as 10 by 10 feet and as large as 50 by 50 feet.
  • Durable: UV-resistant nets are more durable. Without UV treatment, a net will lose its color and weaken after continuous exposure to sun rays. For added durability, our nets feature a reinforced rip-stop material that’s tear-resistant.
  • Quiet: A net that rustles too much in the wind or when you move will put your prey on alert. The synthetic material of our net is rustle-free to ensure optimal stealth while you hunt.

Camo Netting Store is the one-stop shop for all your camouflage gear. Browse our online store today to find the perfect camo netting for your next deer hunt.


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